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  • notting-hill-carnival-2014-couple-in-the-rain

    Will it be wind, washout or scorcher at Notting Hill Carnival?

    We’ve had two years in succession of chilly rain drenching Carnival Monday, so Notting Hill’s party pilgrims could be forgiven for thinking that a Higher Power was demonstrating its displeasure at west London’s annual festival of bacchanalian excess. So what can we expect this year? First indications are that it’s

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  • mckenzie-hart-london-calypso-tent-2016

    A new Hart for British calypso

    She’s 15 years old, has the voice of an angel and plays steelpan too, we’re told. McKenzie Hart won the hearts of the audience at The Tabernacle on the opening night of the ABC London Calypso Tent on Friday 5 August. There is always an air of anticipation as the

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  • notting-hill-carnival-2002-cocoyea-celebration

    Notting Hill at 50 – more than just a party

    Fifty years ago, a small festival that was intended to spread a bit of hope and happiness in Notting Hill and North Kensington proved a success beyond the organisers’ wildest dreams. But even those dreams didn’t envisage a massive, iconic annual event attracting up to a million revellers from around

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  • santiago-2015-lct-groovy-soca-monarch

    Last 3 nights to get to the London Calypso Tent

    Be warned! The Association of British Calypsonians’ London Calypso Tent has only three more shows this season, before the frenetic start of Notting Hill Carnival weekend. The eagerly anticipated Groovy Soca Monarch Competition takes place tonight Friday 19 August at the Tabernacle, Carnival Village. Will Santiago successfully defend his title

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  • london-calypso-tent-groovy-soca-finals-2016-sunshine-&-nadiva

    It’s groovy soca gold for the unstoppable sisters!

    Their song lived up to its name – Sunshine and Nadiva’s Unstoppable swept away the competition at the ABC’s Groovy Soca competition on Friday 19 August. Deservedly so: it’s a song that’s guaranteed to lift your spirits and move your feet, and it’s put over with enough energy and infectious

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